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"Happiness" is achieved through hard work

2018-02-08 12:36:18 Shanghai Huapu Cable Read

——Huapu own brands "light" overseas markets

In the 2018 New Year message, Huapu cable is focusing on the layout of overseas markets. From the Middle East to Southeast Asia, From Africa to the Americas and to Europe, Take the national "Belt and Road" strategic express train, Huapu cable went out of Shanghai headquarters, landed Tanzania, Sri Lanka and other countries and districts.

The big trees are grown from small trees; Building a high-rise begins with mounds of soil. At first, it is difficult to set up the International Business Department, but it is inevitable to create great force burst out. In an half of year, the enterprise from the bottom to the top, went ahead of ice, achieved its own brand export overseas markets, "zero breakthrough". Now, Huapu cable announced to enter the Tanzanian market, formally took the first step toward "overseas expansion." This is Huapu real significance to set sail. Tanzania was guarding the neck of East Africa, it is one of China's top ten trading partners in Africa. Its advantaged social and economic environment has provided the perfect stage for the international debut of Huapu. MC CARTHY BUILDING INCwas founded in 1864, was a 153-years-old and have American contractor company with more than 30 subsidiaries worldwide. It has more than 2,000 employees in Africa. The independent export of products to the flat line of 1500 km of low-voltage lines, successfully won the Tanzania market. It is a business opportunity for Huapu, it was also provided a successful model for replicating business models throughout Africa.

When entering overseas markets, the Huapu cable has not stopped in the technological innovation pace. Strongly promote the "excellence" as the core of technological innovation, from into the materials to the technical research, to production and product packaging ,each check mark strictly, repeatedly test and polish product details with "Artisan Heart".


On harmonious symbiosis, with different complementary phase "Tolerance" and "innovation" are really "harmony but different".



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