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A New Chapter of Huapu marked by Energoapapatura's visit

2017-11-23 15:08:13 Shanghai Huapu Cable Read

    US President Donald Trump arrived in Beijing on nov.8thafternoon, kicked off his three-day visit to Beijing. It is Trump’s first visit to the country since he assumed the presidency. He is the first head of state to visit China since the landmark 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Trump’s administration pays great attention to this visit by bringing a big trade delegation here, which shows the Sino-US economic and trade cooperation topic will become a focus of the global media.

    Just one day after Trump’s visit to China, clients of Energoaparatura came all the way to visit us from Poland. Our general manager Li HaiQuan, deputy general manager Zhou Yan, production director  Yang Yuzhi, etc. attended the meeting.


    ENERGOAPARATURA, a medium-sized engineering contractor in Poland, purchases a large amount of electric cables from China each year.

    At the meeting, Ms. Elisa, minister of international business department, introduced company’s history to our respected client in all aspects from production capacity, production equipment to R&D of technology. We showed our position in the wire and cable industry with our soft power like advanced techniques, solid management skills and hard power like advanced production & testing equipment. Mr. Tomasz Michalik also introduced the basic situation of ENERGOAPARATURA Company.

    During the meeting, Li Haiquan, the general manager of the company, introduced the cable expertise in detail at the request of Mr. Tomasz Michalik. In order to explain more clearly, he vividly painted the technical diagram of cable for them.


    Subsequently, Mr. Tomasz Michalik visited the production line and learnt our factory capabilities for inspecting and testing raw materials. He gave us full praise and approval for our restructured development and technical strength as a state-owned enterprise which enjoys the reputation of Shanghai’s Famous Brand.  Mr. Tomasz Michalik looks forward to a win-win cooperation with our company.



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