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In the Background of "The Belt and Road”, Hua pu Cable Plays a New Chapter

2017-09-12 07:28:49 Shanghai Huapu Cable Read

With the end of peak forum of “the Belt and Road”. The result of meeting inspire Each Country along the Road. And with enhancement of “the Belt and Road” policy, the development of “Huapu” has accelerate its speed. On the base of consolidate domestic market. It’s a trend of transition and upgrades to explore overseas market.

Founded in 1962, ACL Cable is a listed company with 1500 employees, and its low-voltage cable business has 70% market share in the Sri Lanka market.

At the meeting, Ms. Elisa, minister of international business department, introduced company’s history to our respected customer in all aspects from production capacity, production equipment to R&D of technology.

We showed our position in the wire and cable industry with our soft power like advanced techniques, solid management skills and hard power like advanced production & testing equipment. Mr.Suren also introduced the basic situation of ACL Company. During the talks, Mr.Li, general manager of the company, made further discussions with ACL in the respect of Sri Lanka wire & cable industry status, market demand and the mode of cooperation between the two sides. Subsequently, Mr.Suren visited the production line and learnt our factory capabilities for inspecting and testing raw materials. Mr. Suren gave us high level endorsement and approval for our restructured development and technical strength as a state-owned enterprise which enjoys the reputation of Shanghai’s Famous Brand. He looks forward to a win-win cooperation with our company.

The ancient Silk Road, which stretches thousands of miles, exists thousands of years, has accumulated the Silk Road spirit with the core of peace and cooperation, opening to the outside and tolerance, philosophy of learning from each other and mutual benefits. “The Belt and Road" is a great opportunity. Today’s talks have shown the company strategy as the slogan says: "Base in Shanghai, we will go out and broaden the boundary ". It also makes a new step in cooperation with overseas cable industry. With the increasingly accelerated pace of global economic integration, “Huapu” cable is also fully prepared to be a part of the international market and  build an open platform for cooperation in the mind of “opening to the outside”.

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