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Growth motility from the old shift to new power cable, opportunities and challenges.

2017-08-22 11:01:10 Shanghai Huapu Cable Read
1501631440725162.jpgAfter more than ten years of rapid development. The electric power cable industry has made great progress. As China’s economy enters a “New normal “economy, new growth impetus still being nurtured. The old growth momentum continues to decrease, the opportunity and challenges of power cable is coexisted, but still have long way to go.
Power is the most basic and important position in the national economy, while rapidly economy grow in China, the power industry has leapt forward. Power industry as an important part of the industrial chain, the cable spring up.
For example, in the real estate industry, which is in the golden decade, there is strong demand of the power cable, regardless of housing, apartment, shopping mall, there is strong demand of building lines. Inject sufficient impetus into the development of power cable industry, the construction of intelligent building is full swing, bring the new opportunity to power cable.
However, starting in the second half of 2016 year, but at the second half of 2016 year, real estate industry is in a slump. The government intensify regulating policy. Predict the new building increasing trend have coming down and it will sustain 2-3 years, it has influenced to certain extent impact.

Despite the gradual disappearance of primary growth momentum, the new growth momentum is rapidly incubated such as the new energy, rail transit, power grid construction, ultra-high voltage, aero-space fields.

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