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Shanghai Huapu cable Co.,ltd acquire ‘Bright engineering project in 2017 year from Shanghai electricity company’

2017-08-22 11:02:29 Shanghai Huapu Cable Read
Date: 2017/3/22
With bloomy spring, the good news from marketing department, we emerging from many competitors and get the value 25 million dollar project of” Bright engineering project of 2017 year” from the Shanghai electricity company with scientific and reasonable tender.
“Bright engineering project” is one of important contents of the Shanghai municipal committee’s research subject in 2014. This project is second order of Shanghai municipal executed project is closely related to economic development and people’s everyday life. “Bright project” made the power network renovation, lets the power supplier capacity Is improved to the 8KW in every household, reformed system, power safety hazard of old power facilities will be eliminated old residential area will install the new unified power metering box, so that improving the living environment.
Win this project, company instant on “stabilize Shanghai market, expand the other market, broaden the territory market strategy, and capture the market information. It also improve the international influence, it become the powerful growth power in the marketing, for laying the foundation of 2017 achieving target.
To accelerate the pace of “going global “our company adjust the strategy, we continuously deepening the international market, we made efforts on the bidding skill, operating strategy, contractual capacity, management level, and with the concept of “ enterprise development, employee benefit “launch the all company employees actively explore international market.The mission is” obligation interpretive the responsibility, fulfill the mission with activity.

We will fully prompt the strategy transition. “ Haupu” strive to create a new situation.

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