Shanghai Huapu Cable

Quality Assurance

Our company will continuously insist on the principle of “The customers first, the credit first” as credo and “creditable products and satisfied service “credit in the market, in order to ensure our products can bring more economic benefit to the user. Shanghai Huapu cable Co.,Ltd make a following solemn promise to general users:

1. We provide the products, 100% products are strictly tested, and various technical indicators meet national standards.

2. Under the correct installation and use condition, their life cycles from put into the using shall not be less than 40 years.

3. Ensure the timely delivery, based on the stock, we ensure to send the goods within 8 hours once confirm the order, we send the goods with truck directly to the provincial users, if they need them urgently.

4. Underling the condition of corrected installation and using, we provide the products three packs of after-sales service during the within the period of warranty, if we find that our quality problem, the clients has right to return the defective products or make a claim.

5. Inspect the products and some of important components with tender, inspected standard according to the state grid corporation of China.

6. If the problems appeared in the construction condition, whether manufacturing quality or construction problems, the user can quest the suppliers to send relevant personnel to spot field investigation within 4 hours and 24 hours in the other provinces to distinguishing the responsibilities and solve the problem.

7. The user can negotiate the collection of cable empty plate with us.

8. Ensure give the response to the question which the user answer within 2 hours, in order to provide the convenience to the customer, the market department of Shanghai huapu Cable Co.,Ltd opened a hotline: 021-54981381、021-54980389。

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