Shanghai Huapu Cable

Inspection Method

In order to guarantee and improve the quality of products, Shanghai Huapu cable Co., LTD. Provide the perfect inspected method from receiving of raw materials to shipment finished goods which includes the worker self-inspection, many inspected items by the QC department to ensure quality of factory production. Worker self-inspection which includes the product performance index, collate the raw material and inspection of finished products. Worker inspection program. Worker inspection each other which includes the worker inspect the semi-products. The special inspection is each processes is inspected by QC department. In order to ensure the Feasibility of each inspected process, technical department specially compiled process inspection standard, it has regulation of each inspected process. For the important procedure of influence the quality of products, such as crosslinking insulated extrusion process and wire stranding, it set up the process controlling point to ensure quality of finished production.


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